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At Jones Engineering and Agricultural we specialise in hay baling, fire mitigation, slashing and fuel reduction works, general pasture renovation services and engineering needs.

Our versatile equipment can be used for all aspects of pasture renovation, hay making, property management and fire mitigation.

We are able to provide ongoing services in maintaining your property to keep your land productive and suitable for hay production or livestock production.

We partner with local and state government agencies, local communities, private property owners and fire agencies using our specialised equipment to implement fire breaks, prepare areas for prescribed burns and deliver burns fully insured.

At Jones Engineering and Agricultural and Fire Management Australia we believe that the Occupational Health and Safety of our staff, agency partners and public are paramount. Our stringent health and safety policies ensure that our staff are highly trained in working in high risk environments and around high risk plant and equipment. Our plant and equipment are continuously upgraded and reviewed to ensure that our equipment has the highest safety rating and is highly specialised to still deliver our services effectively. Our documented safety systems and policies are maintained and reviewed throughout each working day to ensure that all hazards and risks are identified and mitigated against and that all employees are involved in this process. Our workplace policies and safety documents are reviewed frequently and available upon request. 

Hay Baling

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Fire Management

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Forestry Mulching / Vegetation Management

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Our history

Jones is Established
Jones Engineering and Agriculture was established in 1938 servicing the Mornington Peninsula and West Gippsland.
Jones Haybaling
In 1972, Jones Haybaling was established to complement the services provided by our family-owned business.
Fire Mitgation
In 2005 we began conducting fire mitigation work and forestry mulching focusing on giving our clients the highest quality service and results. 
Fire Management Australia
In 2019 Fire Management Australia was created in order to represent our services in fire mitigation and specialised burning experience. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in various fields of firefighting, wildfire suppression and prescription burn management as well as extensive experience in strategic planning and management of vegetation fuel loads. So as not to deviate away from our existing services in Agriculture under the Jones brand Fire Management Australia was established as its own.

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